Delicious Homemade Chocolates Recipes.

Chocolate might be our very favourite treat. In fact, we love chocolate so much that even when we’re eating something sweet that’s not just a store bought chocolate bar, we usually pick the chocolate flavour in that as well! We’ll take chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate pie.

3 ingredient homemade chocolate

Just because you’re going to make something yourself from home doesn’t mean it has to be complicated! Don’t let the idea of making treats “from scratch” intimidate you. Chocolate, for example, can be so easy to make that you only need three simple ingredients!

Dried fruit and nut chocolate

Have your favourite chocolate treats always been the ones that have a little extra something inside? Some people like fruit cream or caramel, but others prefer a crunch or something with a little more substance to it so their chocolate becomes more of an actual snack. We love Savvy Homemade‘s idea of putting dried fruit and nuts in their homemade chocolate for some extra flavour.

Homemade chocolate creme eggs

Is your favourite kind of chocolate a seasonal treat that you can only buy in stores around a certain holiday? Ours is too and we look forward to stocking up on them every Easter! Daily Burn, however, has found away around having to wait months and months just to enjoy a good creme egg and we’ll be forever grateful. Check out how you can make your own at home!

Chocolate dipped caramels

Have caramel covered chocolates always been your absolute favourite kind, no matter whether they’re store bought or made by a “Mom and Pop” style company? We don’t blame you. There’s just something extra delicious about biting into a rich chocolate to find the perfect amount of gooey caramel inside. My Recipes teaches you how to make chocolate covered caramels in your very own kitchen.

Salted coconut oil dark chocolate chunks

Maybe you’re looking for something full of natural ingredients that are a little bit healthier than the average store bought chocolate bar, but you still want it to be delicious? Perhaps you’re just a huge fan of dark chocolate and treats that combine sweet and salty flavours? Then this organic chocolate from Butter Believer, which is made with coconut oil and sea salt, is the perfect recipe for you!

Chocolate peanut fudge

Plain chocolate bars are all well and good, but sometimes you need to enjoy your chocolate in a more decadent way to really satisfy your craving! Great Party Recipes agrees entirely, so they’ve got an awesomely rich chocolate fudge recipe for you.

Mint dark chocolate cups

Have you always loved Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups but also wished that they came in other flavours and fillings since they’re so delicious? Then you’re in luck! Beautifully Nutty has a mint version for you that’s absolutely mouth watering and surprisingly simple to make. This recipe shows you how to make them with dark chocolate, but substituting milk chocolate if you prefer is a simple change to make.

2 ingredient dark chocolate chips

When you crave cookies, do you prefer homemade cookies above all else? Many people do, but we find that most of our friends still use store bought chocolate chips, even if they’re mixing the batter themselves. Just in case you’re interested in making your entire recipe from actual scratch, how to make your very own chocolate chips!

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